The 5 Ultimate Tips to Save Money On Your Holiday

A cocktail here, souvenirs there and, to top it all off, one excursion after the other: on vacation, money runs out of your wallet faster than students on their way to Happy Hour. Save money on vacation? With the following tips it is a piece of cake.

 1. The flight

Vacation plans usually start with booking a flight, often months in advance. There is a whole science behind finding and booking the cheapest flight to your desired destination. It turns out that Tuesday is the best day for booking flights: tickets are no less than six percent cheaper compared to other days.

What helps is to fly mid-week and if possible, early in the morning or later in the evening. If you do not have children attending school, you can also save money by not flying during school holidays and in high season.


Use flight comparison sites such as Kayak or Skyscanner to find the cheapest options from different airlines. You can also compare different dates if you are not tied to a specific day. It can also be useful to view flight rates from other airports in the area and to sign up for a newsletter for cheap flights. Scott’s Cheap Flights, for example, which gives you a signal when there are cheap error fares that depart from your preferred airport.

After choosing your flight properly, what is the next step?