Combinations Galore: 18 Surprisingly Tasty Food Pairs

Do you often find yourself wary to try new things, especially when it comes to food? Well, we’ve all been there. Not knowing how something will taste can really turn you off from a new food. Fortunately, though, food combinations that might sound gross can actually make for delicious pairings. Here’s a compiled list of 18 surprisingly tasty food combinations that you must try!

Potato Chips as Burger/Sandwich Toppings

Food combinations don't have to be taboo. Potato chips as toppings on sandwiches and burgers is a great pair!

Among the various food combinations possible, this one is not too crazy. If you think about it, potato chips and burgers or sandwiches are already in the same food category. Most of the time, burgers and sandwiches will be served with a side of chips anyway! Think of the potato chip like it’s a french fry. If you’re eating a burger, it’s likely that a french fry will slip into the same bite anyway. And french fries and chips are both just different forms of salty potatoes. The chips could add a nice crunchy texture to a sandwich, and you’ll never know until you taste it. Don’t knock it until you try it!