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12 Foods and Drinks You Need to Try in Brazil

Trying the local dishes is one of the best ways to experience a new country. And some countries have a long, delicious list of delicacies that leave you mouth-watering – that is the case of Brazil. Traditionally a country of immigrants, the local cuisine reflects its history and borrows elements from Europe and Africa, blending them with the indigenous traditions. Here is a list of the local foods and drinks you need to try on next trip to Brazil.




One of the most popular fast food items in Brazil! Literally, the name means “little tight” and it consists of shredded chicken meat mixed with herbs and creamy cheese wrapped in a dough in a shape of a chicken leg. The ensemble is battered and fried, resembling a nugget. Brazilians eat coxinhas at any time of the day and this is one of their most famous dishes, by far.