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10 items that should be in every backpack

Backpacking is an increasingly popular form of travel, allowing for cheaper, more adventurous trips. People often stay at shared accommodations, like hostels. Many of these travelers use backpacks to carry their belongings, having to find a good balance between what they need to pack and what they can carry. It’s important to have into consideration the size of the backpack and how heavy it can be on the traveler’s backs. But some items are essential for any traveler! Find out which ones on the list below.

Smaller, foldable backpack


Normally, a big backpack is heavy and bulky, and it’s hard enough for you to carry it around. But when you are out exploring, you need a small bag to carry your belongings. The best solution is a foldable small backpack that you can carry inside the big one and take out only when you need it. Make sure it’s big enough to put inside your wallet, phone, snacks and a coat.