10 Extremely Dangerous Countries Tourists Should Pretty Much Just Avoid

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing tropical getaway or a backpacking adventure you’ll never forget, travel can be extremely rewarding. But before you go planning a trip, you should definitely be aware of the, sometimes surprising, countries to steer completely clear of. Here you’ll find a list of dangerous countries that you definitely don’t want to visit any time soon. They have all scored ‘Do Not Travel’ advisories from the U.S. Department of State.

North Korea


While North Korea is doubtlessly another world unto itself, it may or may not be one you want to experience firsthand. Communism is the name of the game within North Korean borders. The actions of tourists and citizens are highly controlled and monitored by the government. Tourists who want to explore the country are required to sign up for a tour package beforehand. Or you can choose to remain with a personal guide throughout the entire trip. Your passport and cell phone may also be confiscated upon arrival in the country. They will only be returned at the time of your departure. Arrest for random crimes, such as taking unauthorized photos is not uncommon either. This is extra scary considering that diplomatic assistance may be non-existent.