10 American Cities With The Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita

The very first drive-thru was debuted to the public in 1947. Since then, fast food restaurants have exploded with nearly a quarter million establishments nationwide. While it may seem like there’s a McDonald’s on every corner, some cities in the United States have more fast food options than others. Here are the top 10 cities in America where you’ll find the most fast food restaurants per capita.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Fort Wayne, Indiana has a lot of history. In the 18th century, indigenous people resided among its three great rivers. The city was also used as a major trading post. Fort Wayne is Indiana’s second most populous city with 265,904 residents. Today, there is one fast food restaurant for every 2,417 people. While Fort Wayne is home to burger joints like McDonald’s and Burger King, the fast food restaurant that boasts the most locations in this Indiana city is Subway. In total, Fort Wayne is home to 35 Subway locations. It’s safe to say these residents are eating fresh.